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Roommate Seeker - If you are in college you should understand this one.

Apartment Managers - If you are looking to lease an apartment; do NOT list your place here, go to

Renting An Apartment Or Home? - If you are the person renting, subletting a place, do NOT list your place here, go to

Roommate Seekers: Your Account is FREE. After you place your Roommate Ad, it will have to be approved before it is activated. You can change your ad if you get ditched or if you punt your roommate during the year and need to find another.

roommate college student If you are a student or someone looking for a roommate to live near a college or university, perform your roommate search by choosing your school. If no roommate ads appear, signup and post your own roommate ad.!

POSTING YOUR OWN AD: If you want to create your own ad, go to the registration form, Your account will run for 1 year at a time and is FREE; yes you read that right, its free to post a roommate ad. Your ad will be reviewed before it is activated, so write a nice ad. If you are a person or company that is renting out a room or house, condo, apartment, etc. This site is NOT for you; your ad will not be activated, so don't waste your time. This site is for college students with emphasis on the 'student'. So if you have a roommate problem, need to get a new one, then place your ad here on

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